Information support for manufacturing (Industry 4.0)

With our solutions for manufacturing companies, you can simplify and speed up the preparation of your production plan. In addition, you can significantly reduce production throughput times, increase (optimise) capacity utilisation, improve communication throughout the production process, increase process visibility, etc. Analytical tools for monitoring process performance and traceability tools are an integral part of the solution.

Technologies to support Industry 4.0

RFID - Radio Frequency Identification

Automatic identification of products and other components in the process.

Integration with machinery

Establishing an information link between machines directly and your information system (e.g. AGV self-driving intelligent robotic vehicles).

Barcode and QR code

Labelling and identification of ingredients in a process using different codes.

Capturing data from devices

Periodic and event-driven data reading and storage in arbitrary databases.

Artificial intelligence to support Industry 4.0

Production processes vary greatly between companies and often require customised solutions. Using artificial intelligence algorithms, we have developed several sophisticated solutions that significantly improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of operations:

  • Ejection prediction based on the quality of the input material
  • Predicting the quality of the final product based on the quality of the materials
  • Predicting electricity consumption according to the production plan