Execution of mass billing

Do you have a large number of customers and do you find billing a challenge? Maybe your customers expect you to bill for several different services on the same invoice and this is a problem for you?

We are a leading provider of bulk billing services. We can fully support and outsource the process from data capture to invoicing for you. We can prepare a single invoice for your client, which can combine several services provided.

We perform bulk data capture for:

Utility services

Water, sewage, waste,...

Energy services

Electricity, gas

Industrial data

Billing can be done via a direct connection to your IT system or using e-commerce (exchange of standard files or e-documents). There is also an online portal through which your customers can monitor their consumption and enter their meter readings.

Invoices can be prepared and issued in different formats, either as ordinary, summary or special bills. We can also prepare a file for printing special items or a file for automatic direct debits. Various other outputs are also available, such as: outputs of invoiced and paid realisations, analyses by different service groups, systems, settlements, municipalities, profit centres or other classifications.