User portals

We offer utility and infrastructure service providers (Multi Utility Services) a complete web-based solution for e-commerce with their customers. Instead of setting up the e-commerce portal yourself and burdening your staff, leave the digitisation of these processes to us. You’ll declutter your key business processes and increase your customer satisfaction.

Seamless e-commerce with your customers

Communication with users, contracts, electronic signatures, ..

Support for a wide range of activities and services

Utilities, electricity, gas, heating, social services, ...

Integration with an online shop

You can integrate your own online shop (e.g. a subscriber benefits club) into your e-commerce portal.

eServices for your customers

Insight into customer profile, spending overview, contracts, invoices and receivables. Setting up reminders and executng reports.

Custodial insight

A custodian's view of business partner data with advanced reports and dashboards.